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Drawing Aids

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Linex T.Square 330mm
Maped kidz 360 Compass Assorted Colours
Tiger Protractor 180 degree With 120mm Base
Tiger Clear 6" Ruler
Tiger Clear Shatterproof  12" / 30cm Ruler
9 Piece Maths Set Tin (Pack of 12)
Tiger Clear Protractor 360 degree 100mm Diameter
Tiger Triangluar Scale Ruler
Tiger Metal Compass And Pencil
Staedtler Noris Maths Set
Helix Value Maths Sets X31959
Westcott 4 piece maths set - containing a transparent 15cm/6” Ruler, 2 x Set Square & Protractor
Westcott 4 piece maths set
Frixion pen eraser - Blue Pack of 12 4902505520983
Helix Primary Protractor 180 degree
Helix Ruler With cm  mm And Graduations In The Middle
Helix Angle & Circle Template 360 Degree
Helix Oxford Exam Maths Set X32322
Helix Oxford Maths Tin Sets B43000 170505
Helix Oxford Advance Math Sets B47010 X31411XA
Geometry Set 5 Pieces
Protractors 180 Degree 100mm Base
Metal Drawing Compass Short Point Pencil Not Included
Protractors 360 Degree 100mm Base
Protractors 180 Degree 150mm Base X27435
Set Square 45 Degree 210mm Base
Set Square 45 Degree 260mm Base X27348
Set Sqaure 60 Degree 260mm Base X27347
Helix Geometry Set 4 Pieces
Helix Flip Maths Sets PINK
Helix Precision Drawing Set 4 Piece A44002 X32578
Oxford Hanging Pack Compass Pencil X31738
Oxford Hanging Pack 180 Degree 100mm Protractor
Helix Circle Template X08671
Oxford Hanging Pack 30cm Folding Ruler 010506
Helix 360 Degree Angle Measure X51005
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